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Post  CoolzMK on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:19 am

Hi Bro,

A warm welcome to clubgeelysg family. Please see my replies in blue. if you required CK parts u can contact me. Im currently supplying geely CK and MK parts to club members and friends who own geely cars here. Pls see annoucement page to like my Facebook page. Do feel free to post questions here. I would be glad to help you and im sure the rest of the forumers here too.

KingKongJinGang wrote:Hi Bros,
1) Both my left power windows & left central lock are down.
Pls advise any repair workshops & charges.

The power window cannot wind up? the problem could be the regulator. And needs to be changed. Alot of CK owner have this problem After replacing is ok liao

2) What is the front right "knocking sound" when driving. Is the suspension problem or others?

Not sure the "knocking sound" is caused by what cos the details not very sufficient for this. it is only when driving straight? or was it just turning u face this sound? Could be some problems like Exhaust mountings, shock absorbers etc.. too many to name. probably u want to get your workshop to check on this? If you have problem finding workshop u can let me know. can recommend u workshops.

3) Any recommendations for Geely CK bodykits & leather seats in JB? Charges?

For body kits, im not too sure maybe can ask some other bros here. Probably u can check with bro EddyAli. i think he does his bodykit in JB but not sure where.

Thanks Very Happy

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